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Dell mini clean reinstall windows 7


I tried to do a clean reinstall on my dell mini . But after I insert the disk I didn't have the option the erase partition and create new ones.

So it reinstall the new windows 7 on the top of the original one, Ran out of space.

How can I start over : reformat the partitions and reinstall windows 7 properly

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Once you get to the screen where it shows you the existing partitions, click Drive Options ... can you Delete them?  If not, then boot again to your DVD, instead of clicking on Install Now, click on Repair you computer, select Command Prompt, and run diskpart.  Then type in list disk to see which is your hard drive, then do a select disk 1 (if 1 is your hard disk), then type in clean.  This will remove all existing partition information from the drive, so you should be able to format as desired from the installation screen.
Kindly refer to Reinstall Windows 7 for more in details.
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Here is what I did

PowerEdgeTech:  I did the promp (2 disck :
- disk 0 230 GB where I had all my pictures and files (which I saved on HD) tried to clean it and have this message "Virtual disk service error: There is no media in the device.

-Disk 1 (where I guess was window 7 originally 14 GB)  same error message ;
 "Virtual disk service error: There is no media in the device.

ktl532: I tried yours too but it didn't erase orformat the drive and installed on top of what was already there so my drive is even fuller now.

And can I format erything (erase) and do a clean isnsall with the CD

Thanks a lot
Yes, you can.
I would suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the device. It appears that some fault has happened with the device (hard drive) because of which the device is not getting detected.
Agreed ... sounds like hardware at this point.
I suggest you using third party tool to erase the partition. Free one is PartedMagic 5:
Boot from this CD - start partitioning tool and format the partition. In your case the problem could be with HDD encryption or user access rights.
Third party tool should overcome this. If this does not help then contact the vendor.
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So here are the updates : I called Dell it just that after booting from CD you have to keep taping "enter". That brought me to a slighly different path than this link (Reinstall Windows 7) from above. At some point there is a window where you can select, delete format, create any partition.

Thank you anyway!