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Iphoine 3G probelms

All of sudden my iphone does the follwoing:

-it recharges using usb cable but there is no battery icon
-it wont connect to compupter using bluetooth or usb cable
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Put the iPhone in recovery mode:

Plug in your iPhone and turn it off, by pressing the on/off button at the top, and then sliding the red slider.

Make sure you wait until the iPhone is COMPLETELY off.

Then, hold down the “Home” and “on/off” buttons for about twelve seconds. You’ll briefly see the silver Apple logo and then your phone will appear to turn back off. Release the “Sleep/Wake” button but continue to hold the “Home” button until you see a message in iTunes stating that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Choose “Restore” on the iTunes screen.
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It didnt work. I tried it varying lengths of time but i couldnt get past just seeing the apple logo or a black screen.

I did try connecting my usb to my computer with itunes turned on while i held down the home button and i got a itunes logo with a usb below it. There was no recovery mode message on my pc and i couldnt do anything further other than turn my phone back on.

The problem sitll exists.
Have you tried downloading and installing the current version of iTunes?
Yes, I have.

The issue remains the same

1. When i charge the phone, it charges slowly but no inidcation on the phone regarding the battery charger icon that used to show up.
2. When i connect the phone to the pc, it wont connect using itunes. When i try tethering using usb or bluetooth nothing happens.
3. When i try connecting using bluetooth, my cimputer sees the phone and vice versa but they dont connect, i get an error.

I dont see any applie drviers in my list of drivers.
Is your phone jailbroken, or does it have the standard Apple firmware?
It is using 4.2.1 Apple firmware.
Can you try connecting it to another PC with iTunes installed, and see if that PC recognizes it?  If it doesn't, I would take the phone to your local Apple store after making a "genius bar" appointment.

Obviously, if another PC recognizes the phone, then the problem is with your PC, or the iTunes installation on your PC, and not the phone.
I tried several pcs, nothing works
Problem is the phone, then, clearly.  I'd take it to Apple store, see if they can do anything with it.  
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no one else figured it out