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windows CE testing


I want to develop windows CE application, but do not know how to test them, I am familiar with using Emulators for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Please guide me how can I test Windows CE application; any Emulator or virtual system?  as it is very expensive to purchase devices.

I can develop applications for windows mobile 5 and 6 and can use Emulators. Need guidance for WCE. And I am using Windows XP for development(Can switch to Windows Vista)

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you don't say which version of Windows CE?

But would the WIndows CE 5.0 emulator help?

download link
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it looks, it is not working. When I install any .cab file, installation finishes successfully, but application do not load; Nothing happens when try to load application

Any suggestion?
that's another question, isn't it? let me have a look at the download, it worked for us last time.
i mean, do I need to customize memory or CPU?
that link hanccocka has posted is for very old WinCE 5.0 emulator which runs x86 code :)
it is not capable of running ARM code at all.

Microsoft doesn't provide any 'official' emulator for WinCE actually, but you can build one using Platform Builder (v5.0 if you need it for WinCE5 or v6.0 for WinCE6) + ARM Device Emulator BSP in case if WinCE 5.0 (this BSP is also unsupported, it was just for demo purposes).
yes + this BSP:

so just follow the instructions and build WebPad - it will suit you needs I think
i created sdk, but it do not have any executable file to install sdk? The generated sdk looks like below:

no, you don't need SDK actually, all you need is NK.bin

then (assuming you have VS installed and therefore Device Emulator Manager (DEM) too) do the following:
(I pasted the batch file content I'm using to start the emulator)

SET EMU_DIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\"
%EMU_DIR%deviceemulator.exe /p /video 640x480x16 /memsize 256 /sharedfolder r:\viewerCE %OSIMAGE_DIR%NK.BIN

So the idea is to use generated NK.bin with DEM
I cannot see any nk.bin file, please tell me how can I create it or how can I find it;

have you build WebPad? if yes, then you'll find NK.bin in Release folder under the path like this@

c:\WINCE500\OSDesigns\<your_project_name>\<something about Release or Debug here, I don't remember right now>

if I were you, I'd search under "c:\WINCE500\OSDesigns\<your_project_name>" for nk.bin

in general, I found that if you follow the rtf file supplied with the BSP it takes about 15 minutes to do it :)
There is not OSDesigns folder under wince5000
ok, I will check tomorrow when I get a chance to reach VBox with XP and PB5.

but for now, when you build the project, it usually logs where it creates output files, besides it should be mentioned in project settings as well, so you might have a look.
it's under e.g.

I generated nk.bin; and I tried

Start(Windows XP)>Run>cmd > 

SET EMU_DIR="E:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\"
SET OSIMAGE_DIR= %EMU_DIR%deviceemulator.exe /p /video 640x480x16 /memsize 256 /sharedfolder F:\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces\WinCE\RelDir\DeviceEmulator_ARMV4I_Release %OSIMAGE_DIR%NK.BIN

Nothing happened in CMD Console(I mean neither any error nor any success or fail message nor any log message).

I checked Device Emulator Manager, cannot see Windows CE ARM Emulator!

Any advise?
you made a tiny  but crucial mistake (or perhaps it was how my post was displayed) :) , so let me post it here again line by line:

- first, I set env. variable to keep where my emulator is located

SET EMU_DIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\"

- second, I set env. variable to define where is my NK.bin (NB: in my post it was left empty, so I used NK.BIN in current folder)

- and finally, I execute deviceemulator.exe with few parameters

%EMU_DIR%deviceemulator.exe /p /video 640x480x16 /memsize 256 /sharedfolder r:\viewerCE %OSIMAGE_DIR%NK.BIN

All above was done in cmd/batch file, to make it easier to run. If you want to do it straight from console, then you could type a long command like that:

<path to deviceemulator folder>\deviceemulator.exe [all paramaters go here] <path to your NK.bin>\NK.bin
Thanks, I saw emulator opened on desktop, but still it is not included in Device Emulator Manager, so I can debug. I tried as instructed in document in Win5000

21.       Goto Tools->Options. Expand the “Device Tools” node on left and select “Devices”:

I did not found Emulator which I named there, find image.
no, you won't see it there, but in Device Emulator Manager - you can see it under Others, then craddle it and treat as 'real WinCE5.0 device'
I do not see it under Device Emulator Manager - Others, instead I can run Emulator using .bat file to load emulator.

I transfered few files to Win CE emulator; the .cab files to install .Net Framework, but it did not recognize .cab files. I could not install .Net framework, any advise.

first thing - have you clicked Refresh after launching the emulator? if not, well...

let me clarify - you will NOT see this emulator in Device Emulator Manager straight away - it will be visible only when you start it and then click on Refresh in DEM. If you build the SDK with that BSP and install it then it will be properly registered and visible regardless of the emulator running.

the next thing: by default CAB installed is not checked in the Catalog, so if you need it, just check it. the same goes for - find it in the Catalog and check. Finally rebuild the OS image, launch the emulator and see that it shows proper icon for eg CAB file.

Thanks, it worked. Now, last one; how can attach visual studio with Emulator, so I can debug applications? I can see Emulator in DEM and I can craddle it too. Any advise?
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Thanks a lot