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dock icons reverting and unchangeabe

Since last updating, my dock icons have taken on a life of their own.  If I add one, it disappears.  If I remove one, it comes back.  Any thoughts, experts?
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Try using Disk Utility to Repair Permissions.

If that doesn't work try running the Combo Updater version of 10.6.6 which often fixed screw-up caused by software update:
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I tried both suggestions.  Niether worked.
Try moving /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/ to the desktop and restart. See if that makes a difference. The plist file may be corrrupted.
is this happening in an administrative account? It sounds like a Standard acct or Parental controls. But try strung's idea first.
I tried Strung's solution before posing the question.  That just reset the dock.  The problem remained.  This is an administrative account.
Is there any possibility that you have used a third party utility to lock the dock, like Deeper perhaps?

If not, Deeper, might unlock the dock for you, as would the terminal commands in the link in my earlier post.
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Thanks again for your help.