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PHILIPS TUOCAM PRO webcam Upside down

For years I have been using my philips tuocam pro with my windows xp machines.   A few months ago all of a sudden during a skype session the image went upside down, turned right side up and then stayed upside down permanently.   I tested this on an other win xp pro machine in my home and same problem.   The video is upside down in all apps skype, google chat, etc.    On a linux machine the video is fine --> upright.  

The only thing I can think of that changed is I had used a Microsoft HD webcam for a while then went back to using my Philips Tuocam Pro.  

I tried removing and reinstalling the webcam drivers to no avail.     Who can help me get my video upright again?  
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Is there a shortcut key to flip the image? have a look in the manual or go throught the camera's software.
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Thanks for the response.

Nope  can only flip the image left to right but not up/down. not possible through the camera software.
Similar problem here, with its solution>

[Problem]generic webcam's image upside down:

You first have to uninstall your webcam driver. Then start the TASK MGR and go to SERVICES tab, find MScamSVC and Stop the service. Have the driver downloaded and extracted then reboot your computer. Once rebooted go to the directory that you extracted the driver to and run the Setup. Then WAIT until it says it's completed the process and prompts you to reboot.
If you scroll down on that last link you'll find further instructions, which can act as guide lines should the first technique not work ..good luck.
Thanks Jonvee..

I do not have
service running on my system,  also have WinXP PRO not windows 7... I think these drivers are for Asus laptop webcams   not for my Philips Tuocam Pro

I you suggesting installing the Chicony (or Suyin) drivers for windows XP instead of the default drivers for my webcam?
No, not suggesting installing the Chicony (or Suyin) drivers for your XP.  Just thought that the comments may have pointed you in the right direction ....

Have you tried completely uninstalling the original Microsoft HD webcam software?
Then uninstall the Philips Tuocam Pro drivers again, reboot, and finally re-install these drivers once more.
There was no software for the HD webcam present anymore,  there was software for a logitech cam which I removed.  I also removed Google Chat plugins and rebooted.   After that the webcam was right side up.  Though as soon as I installed the Google chat plugin again the image would go upside down when I would have both Skype and google chat open.   IF I have only one open at a time the image is upright.    So far this seems to solve the problem.. : completely shut down my browser when using skype or completely shutdown skype when using google chat.  
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Jonvee helped me come to my own solution
My own comment was the solution to the issue.
Glad i was able to provide, to some extent, limited help.   Thank you.