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Program SIM or iPhone to work on 2 networks

I have an iPhone 3Gs and I want to know if there is a way I can access 2 carriers without having to swap SIMs.
My phone isn't locked to a carrier as I can put each SIM in the phone and it works on that network. I have a problem in that one carrier has cheap phone calls, but terrible data access and the other one is expensive on the calls, but the data access is great.
Is there some way I can get one SIM programmed (or the phone) to use one carrier for phone calls the the other carrier for data acces?
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Probably not possible with the current iphones, but have you consider alternative apps like Pennytel and etc...? instead of plugging in two sims...
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I think you misunderstand, I'm not interested in another carrier or plugging in two SIMs at the same time.

Due to the location where I live I have network coverage issues and there are 2 carriers I use, one for voice and one for data. I'm not interested in trying someone else like Pennytel.

I have Googled and found sites that talk about taking a blank SIM and reprogramming it. It all looked a bit complicated and I didn't want to go through all the hassle in getting the card reader, software etc only to find it wouldn't work in an iPhone.

I have also found a site that sells a case for the iPhone4 where you can add and use a second SIM, however it doesn't work for iPhone3G, so that's why I posted the question here.

Can anyone help?
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Yes, I wanted to use just one SIM with two subscriptions. Its a pity its not possible. I think there are options out there to cut down 2 sims to fit on one card holder and you can switch from one subscription to another. Not exactly what I wanted, but I think it will be a good enough solution for me.

Thanks for the help :-)
Worked out it was not possible to do what I wanted.