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Hi All,

I dynamically load panels to flowlayoutpanel.

How could I smoothly panning left or right ?

Thank you.
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Mike Tomlinson
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Is the FlowLayoutPanel flickering on scroll?
...or are you asking how to be able to drag on the panels themselves to make the FlowLayoutPanel scroll?
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There are two arrow button, left and right.
When one of them clicked the the images inside the flp is panning ?

That's what I am looking for.

Thank you.
So is the FlowLayoutPanel full of images and the SCROLLBARS have already appeared...and you want the buttons to scroll it?

Or there are not scrollbars, but you want it to move back and forth to images that are not currently visible just as if there were scrollbars?  (but not jump discreetly when you "page")...
There is no scroll bar from FlowLayoutPanel, it is a button.

All Images are current in FlowLayoutPanel, we just show portion of it.

Thank you.
Not sure exactly what effect you're after here...

I think what you need to do is shift the Location() property of all the currently visible Images to the left or right as the buttons are pushed.  When an Image is completely shifted out of sight you simply remove it from the Panel.  This could be checked by converting the ClientRectnagles to SCREEN coords via the RectangleToScreen() method and then using the IntersectsWith() function.

When enough space is available to the left/right of the images at the edges then you add another dynamic image to the panel.
Please see tyre mark at bottom of the screen.

There scroll image at left and right.
Thank you.
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Nasir Razzaq
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Yes, it helps.

Thank you very much for your help.