HP P2035N prints demo page everyday

New HP P2035N printer, everyday it prints out a HP info page (not windows test page). This page has printing examples of some imaginary legal firms "environmental Impact" email - all fake, with HP logos and info along the bottom. Obviously a demo page, but it prints each day, i can't see where its coming from?  Any ideas?
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I checked the user guide. It says demo pages are printed from either the front panel (pressing Go when the Ready light is on) or from the driver, under the Services tab in printer Properties.

It's unlikely the driver is the problem. I suspect your problem may happen when a user is impatient and starts pressing the Go button to make something happen on the printer. Or perhaps someone presses it a couple of times in the morning, to wake the printer up.  Ask the people who use the printer whether they ever press "Go".

The user manual is available from:

Look in the spooler queue folder.  It should be empty if there are no expected print jobs pending.



You can reset the spooler queue this way:

      net stop spooler
      del C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers\*
      net start spooler

GCTITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.  Nothing in Q.  I am new to posting here, so i should elaborate more (please bear with me)... This is a network printer installed on a Windows 2008 printer server.  Nothing in the Q, yet this page prints once per day.
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Next place I would look is in the Event log on the print server.

I seem to recall that remote print jobs are listed in the (System?) Event log.  If the print job is coming from a remote machine you may be able to get the IP address from the event and track it back from there to the misbehaving system, but you'll have to figure out some way to find the right job in the event log.  Do you know what time the print job shows up?  
GCTITAuthor Commented:
I have asked hte user to try and note the times that the job prints.  As a central printer, they don;t always notice when jobs print...

I'll report back when maybe tomorrow, when i get the next print.
Check settings on the printer itself, from the front panel menu. Some HP printers have demo pages built-in. It's possible that yours is set to print after power-up, or at a set time each day.
GCTITAuthor Commented:
Thanks hdhondt - on this particular model there is no front panel menu.  I looked through the embedded web server options, and nothing that even hints an option to set or print a demo page.

I agree that it something along the lines of what you mention above, just can;t seem to find out where the setting is....
GCTITAuthor Commented:
Update -

Thanks hdhondt - it appears that there was two problems.
 #1 - yes the user appears impatient, and i was able to demonstrate by applying a double-tap to the GO button.  

#2 - The user was impatient because they had a crystal report that had a printer defined in the report that was looking for paper tray#3 - which doesn't exist on this printer, so the printer was waiting for the user to override the paper tray #3, with a press of the GO button. But the user was belting away on the poor thing!

Thanks to all -
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