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Excel: Duplication of sheets with formulas set to manipulate charts


I have been working on a dashboard, that the functionality is developed.  However, I would now like to continue to modify this new code to other sheets in the spreadsheet.

I have been working closely with an expert who has helped me code.  I am looking to have a better understanding of the code. See related post for spreadsheet.

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Beautifully worded.  I understood everything.  I will give it a try!  It fells good when you understand and can teach someone based off of your own knowledge.  Thank you again!!


I have 3 sheets functional!  It is looking really good!  Thank you so much..  I do have a several small questions.. Next question is if I can upload this to sharepoint and have full functionality..  One sec!
As always the best help...  You are much appreciated!
As there are no links, you can upload to Sharepoint, if other users are downloading to function.  Not sure if you convert to HTML (haven't messed with that much) how it will work but would like to know.

Okay..  Maybe I need to ask this question in the sharepoint section, not in excel.  Thanks..  I do have a question about the following:

PS - at some point, you're going to wonder why when you hit the arrow button, the chart doesn't open when
you click it after having done anything but selected something to chart.

--- I am experiencing that issue and would like to know more..  I will post a question about this, okay?
ok, but read the next sentence as it tells you why.

Okay...  Maybe I don't need the question then..  
Just give it a shot and if you have problems - post away.
I do have 2 post that are related already  if you want to give them a try..
I only saw one and responded.  Going to do the valentines thing.