Exchange server 2007


We are running exchange server 2003 and one sendmail linux server.There are some mailboxes on exchange server 2003 and some on sendmail Server and both SMTP address is same (

When an user existing exchange server 2003 sends mail to sendmail user then using unreolved recipients option exchange server deliver the mail to sendmail server ......
 Sendmail Server I[ on Exchange server 2003
Now we have installed exchange server 2007 i9nto existing enviroment to start migaration.We create a test on account exchange server 2007 and send a test mail to account existiing on sendmail server.Then we are getting NDR.

Please assist ....on this \

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ProValAuthor Commented:
yes tried but not working !
What does the NDR say?

Also is Exchange 2007 in the same org as the Exchange 2003 server?
Thanks for the points, did you get it all working in the end?
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