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Creating a Temp Table from a Stored Procedure

I have a procedure (A) that produces a table and I would like to create a new procedure (B) that creates a temp table that stores all columns structures and row values produced by procedure (A).

How to do so?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't want to create my temp table column by column, becasue the table that procedure (A) changes its structure according to some conditions, as well as any table this procedure (A) produces contains so many columns.

I tried this IN PROCEDURE (b) but it failed:

INSERT INTO #MY_TEMP_TABLE EXEC dbo.MY_OLD_STORED_PROC 'value1','value2','value3','value4'


The error given is: Invalid object name '#MY_TEMP_TABLE'

Please advise
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Dale Burrell
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I'm not sure if this totally answers your question, but to do what your code is suggesting you would do the following:

: Outer Context (can be a stored proc, query analyser, a connection from an application etc)

create table #Temp / insert into #temp -- construct the temp table as you prefer

: Proc A

insert into #Temp

: Proc B

select from #Temp
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Create global temp tables.

-- 1st sp
create proc a as
create table ##test (col int)

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-- 2nd sp
create proc b as 
insert ##test values (1)
select * from ##test

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-- execute the SPs
exec a
exec b

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Have you tried this command?

SELECT * INTO #MY_TEMP_TABLE EXEC dbo.MY_OLD_STORED_PROC 'value1','value2','value3','value4'
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I just tried it and it gives me this error:

Msg 263, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Must specify table to select from.
Msg 1038, Level 15, State 5, Line 1
An object or column name is missing or empty. For SELECT INTO statements, verify each column has a name. For other statements, look for empty alias names. Aliases defined as "" or [] are not allowed. Add a name or single space as the alias name.

What I want is the following ni more details:

I have a procedure called (proc_a)

This procedure produces the following table User generated image
I want now to create a new procedure that uses the table data that was created by proc_a to ultimately produce a differet table.

Please have in the mind the following: the table that proc_a produces contains a count of columns that differ according to the parameters passed to it. Therefore, I can not create a temp table with specific columns matching the table columns produced by proc_a because as I said the structure of this produced table columns count differ according to the parametters passed to proc_a.

Hopefully this illustrates more.
you can't really do ir without creating the table before hand...

if you want to accept the overhead, and can get the dba to accept the need then you can do it with OPENQUERY

create a linked server pointing to the current server instance

then execute the procedure via an openquery statement using the liked server


select c.*
   into #temp
 from OpenQuery(linkedserver,'EXEC PROCEDURE....') as c

What overhead? You mean this "OpenQuery" will or might cause a performance issue or resource overutilization on the server that this DB resides in?
yes , it will be "slower" than a normal direct execution of the procedure into a table
Did you check global temp tables?

Won't work for me because I have no authority to alter procedure 1

I tried it as you suggested like this:

select c.* into #temp from OpenQuery(MY_SERVER_NAME,'exec dbo.PROC_A ''val1'',''val2'',''val3'',''val4''') as c

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And I got the following error message:

Msg 7357, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot process the object "exec dbo.PROC_A 'val1','val2','val3','val4'". The OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "MY_SERVER_NAME" indicates that either the object has no columns or the current user does not have permissions on that object.

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Perfect to the point, thank you Sharath_123.