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How to extract data from Excel Sheet

Hello Excel Experts,

I need a bit of help with the attached Excel file.

I have a list with thousands upon thousands of entries (the first three sample on the list). What I  would like to do is to create some type of formula to 'pull out' the line that has the subtotal and write this line to another sheet. For example, in the sample list I would need Smith, John on row (9), Jones, Susan on row (17), and Johnson, Jerry on line (25) to pull out and be written on a separate sheet like this:

Smith, John Average  82.42857143  Atwater HS  6 9999999999
Jones, Susan Average 91.42857143  Atwater HS  7 8888888888
Johnson, Jerry Average 74.28571429 Atwater HS 8 9999999999

In respective cells A, B, C, D, E where:

Student Name is in column A
Grade Average is in column B
School in column C
GradeLevel in column D
StudentID in column E

...of the next sheet, say, sheet 2.

Hope this makes sense. Doing this would save me a ton of manual work

Thanks again!  Kind of need this right away so offering max points.
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you can use pivot table.  Attaching solution List.xlsx
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without any VBA, you can click a cell in the table, then click Data>Group>Auto Outline.

The outline symbols will appear at the left of the table. Click on the 2 to the left of the column labels and there's your list.

You can select the list, hit F5, click Special and tick "Visible cells only", then copy and paste to another sheet.

cheers, teylyn

Very nice answer

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Awesome! Worked Great! Thanks!
To actually extract the data into the second sheet with formulae, you just need one helper column with a 1 in the first row and this formula copied down
=MATCH(INDEX(List!A:A,F1+1)&" Average",List!A:A,0)
Note: This does require that the line with Average spell the name exactly the same way as the lines above. See example:
Oops. Too late.

did you see all the other suggestions before you accepted the solution? Sometimes it's worth waiting for more than one answer to see what others come up with. As far as I can tell, experts have given four different solutions, and each of them work.

I don't begrudge Michael74 the solution or the points. He's deserved them. I just want to advise you not to make too hasty a decision when it comes to accepting solutions. VBA may work, but if there is a formula or user interface alternative, like pivot table, this is always faster and more efficient than VBA.

cheers, teylyn

Thanks. Yes normally I wait but boss needed this NOW. So needed to run with the first solution.


Your boss needs a new job. :-) His attitude seems a lot like Dilbert's pointy-haired version. Does he look like it, too?

maybe you are in the market for a new job soon, too! :-))

All the best. Hope your boss is happy with the solution supplied by Michael and EE.

cheers, teylyn