How can i simply email a file from within unix shell script please

Hi i would like to know how i can email the file /tmp/test.xml  from withing my shell script please, please note here i have very little knowledge of unix commands.

Thanks in advance
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Dushyant SharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
$mail -s "Report 05/06/07" < demo.txt
Dushyant SharmaCommented:
here -s "report 05/06/07" is the subject is the address to send the mail
demo.txt is the file to be sent. in your case it will be /tmp/test.xml
cghrmauritiusAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for the quick responce yes this did send me the email with the file as part of the body.

How do i get it to send the file as an attachment please instead of in the body?
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cghrmauritiusAuthor Commented:
sorry i know i'm a bit thick when it comes to unix commands and i hope you can be a bit more specific as i dont really understand those links

if i use the email command it says command not found

and if i use the uuencode i get

./ line 21: uuencode: command not found
Null message body; hope that's ok

please help with code rather than a link sorry to be a pest but i am a newby at unix
Dushyant SharmaCommented:
try this

email -s "this is subject" -a /tmp/test.xml < "Hey this is some body content"
cghrmauritiusAuthor Commented:
Tanks for your help in the end i used mutt as this was installed on the server and it serves the purpose
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