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Invite attendees without reminder to an appointment

When I send an invitation for an event with the reminder turned off, the person accepting the invitation has the reminder turned on.  Why is it that the attendee is getting the reminder even when it is turned off by me (organizer) and how do they/I shut that off? Or Is there any specific setting I need to look into?
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Hi, unisysadmin.

The recipients are seeing a reminder because they almost certainly have Outlook configured to set a default reminder on appointments.  That's controlled by a setting in Outlook.  Open Options and look at Calendar Options.  If the "Default reminder" box is checked, then they are going to get a reminder even if you don't put one on the appointment.
Only from the "Outlook 2010" we got the new feature "Default Reminders" as default 15 mins.

Set or remove reminders
>4.To turn default reminders on or off for all new appointments or meetings, under Calendar options, select or clear the Default reminders check box.

>>You could try GPOs to remove the same.
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Conclusion is even if as meeting organizer set the appointment do not have reminders, attendees will still have reminders as their Outlook client has checked “default reminders”?

Is there no workaround to turn off the reminder from organizer? Does it mean that the attendees themselves need to manually uncheck the reminder in any appointments that they do not wish to be reminded?

toggling the above dword to 1 and 0, close and open the Outlook profile will get you the desired results.

Note: You could use any vbscript to push this key or GPO

>> from the meeting-organizer, one shouldn't have a feature\facility to edit\modify the settings on other users Outlook profile.
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need to close .. as unable to ask another question
We have the same behaviour with the following twist:

Neither the inviter nor the invited person have the default reminder option checked, nor is a reminder set for the meeting. However the invited person still receives the 15 minutes default reminder.

How can we turn this off?
While I don't doubt what you've described I can't imagine how it's possible.
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We are having the same issue, I have my default reminders unchecked, and the meeting organizer selects "none" for the reminder on an all day event, yet I am still getting notifications.  There has to be a way to turn this off.