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stopping remote desktop app

I have a problem in the Remote Desktop Connection to the server 2003 with the knowledge that the number Telnet connection port 3389 is working well and the firewall Broken
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Two basic steps from the client machine:
traceroute <dest-ip> order to see if IP traffic is actually reaching its destination all way from source.
nmap <dest-ip> -p 3389 order to see if port 3389 is open to your client.

If both are OK, you will need to check on the destination PC for its remote administration settings.
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If the server is up (as verified b y steps given by pwust), but you still can't RDP, try using the Shadow Console flag when invoking the mstc command.  Below is a little batch file I use for remoting into machines that won't respond to the "normal" RDP connection.
SET /p MACHINE=What server or computer do you wish to control via Shadow Console Session?: 
mstsc -v:%MACHINE% /F -Console

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Does not work, both two answers still the problem
Do I have to stop the Terminal Server?
Was that the telnet 192.168.xx 3389 is working properly
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Any help?
Are you saying that when you do TELNET 3389 you get the blinking cursor as discussed in this KB?
If so, is the client PC logging in to the domain?
Is the client PC connected locally to the same network?
And, what O/S is running on the client?
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A1: yes the clint pc logging in to the domain
A2 :: yes connected
A3 : os windows xp and windows 7
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any help
What antivirus package are you using?
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kaspersky but i disable it  
Assuming you have enabled remote access on the server, you also have to tell Kaspersky to trust the network and, possibly, the RDP ports.

To test, you can try turning off Kaspersky's firewall on both ends (server and client)
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hiii all

any another solution ??

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Jessie Gill, CISSP
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