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how changing the context of a text when changing the diplay language

Dear Sir

I  have a sharepoint server 2010 installed with 2 display language english and arabic, and i have some text locate in content editor, it is writed in english ,i want when changing the display language to arabic,the arabic text should appear instead of english language in this content editor.

how can i make it please?

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i try it but when enter to varaiation settings in the location section , when enter (/) (to indicate the top-level web site collection) or any subsite a message appear "Variation root must be a Publishing site"

how can i solve it
ok i fix this problem for the "Variation root must be a Publishing site"
and i create 2 site english and arabic , but these site is shown a blank page, i want the same master page to shown not a blank page .
i dont want to design from the beginning the master page, i want only the text in the content editor to shown in 2 different laguage
i think you should build you page by yourself , variation in SharePoint is not strong , so do it by yourself to save your time , i'll be available to help you brother
¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿
my friend
i have nowa big problem
i just delete the 2 variation sites english and arabic , i want to return everything to before i create the variation site, but now when i enter to the main page http://server-name/ a message appear :
"The Site Welcome Page is set to VariationsRoot but there are no Variation Sites. Site Administrator can reset the Site Welcome Page if necessary."
 and when i enter to http://server-name/default.aspx it is working normally.
but i want to fix this problem please.
it is very urgent.

i think you are from arabic country right ??
ok i fix this problem when enter to welcome page settings and change the url.

if i use the varation site and i want to edit the page, i saw that the current navigation doesnt appear (the left navigation),only the global navigation  appear (top navigation)
How can i solve it
yes i'm from jordan what about you ??
if you want make any changes in the left navigation area go to site setting under the look and feel and change the navigation as you want
i am from lebanon.
yes i know enter to navigation and change as i want, and all what i change it is appear when enter to site settings ,all the current navigation is here (1.png),but when enter to the main page ,nothing appear(2.png)
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thanks sir