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Expandable/Collapsable menus with multiple sub menus

Hello everyone.

I am just about to start to create a new site and i have come accross a problem before i even start.

I have been asked to add an expandable/collaspable menu system.  This is fine when it is only top layer adn sub layer, however, they want up to 3 sub layers (could go to 4.

So, roughtly how they want ti to work is.

Menu 1
    Menu 1.1
        Menu 1.1.1
   Menu 1.2
   Menu 1.3
      Menu 1.3.1
Menu 2
    Menu 2.1
        Menu 2.1.1
   Menu 2.2
   Menu 2.3
      Menu 2.3.1
Menu 3
    Menu 3.1
        Menu 3.1.1
   Menu 3.2
   Menu 3.3
      Menu 3.3.1

One catch, they want the other to go to the top menu once you start clicking on another menu. (Don't know if i have explained this correct?)

For example, if i click menu 1, if displays Menu1, Menu 1.1, Menu 1.2, Menu 2, Menu 3 etc.
If i click on Menu 1.1, it shows Menu 1, Menu 1.1 Menu 1.1.1 Menu 1.2, Menu 2, Menu 3 etc
But if i then click on Menu 2 it shows. Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 2.1 Menu 2.2, Menu 3 etc.

The closest i have found is on but i can not get what i need to work when i change it.

I hope this explains everything in good enough details.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, spent the weekend trying to find this.

Thank you in advance.
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Gurvinder Pal Singh
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Thank you for that.

I haver had a good look and can not see how i can add a sub menu to the menu.

Any chance you can help me with that.


Thank you MYFOX

Not what i needed.  I can make them come out to the side and do all other types of menu apart from one that is expanding and colapsing vertically.

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Thank you MyFox.

This is just what i was after. Perfect.