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Foward email only at Weekends


I was wondering if somebody can help me with this.

At weekends, my boss would like the helpdesk emails to be forwarded to our blackberries.

The issue is that I can forward all emails all the time. I cannot find a way to specify only to forward helpdesk emails at weekends.

Is it possible to do this??


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blackberries can connect to pop mail servers or BES or BIS servers...

you could connect through one of those but it would be all the time...

no real point in having blackberries without one of those servers...
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We have three Exchange 2007 server and a BES server.

The question is is it possible within Exchange to forward based on days of the week?

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Have you considered that the solution may not rest with BlackBerry but elsewhere?

If the helpdesk mails are routed to 1 'shared' mailbox, can a rule not run here which only forwards the mails to your mailboxes on the dates in question? That way, you and your colleagues would still receive and email on the BlackBerry at weekends - at all other times,the mails would just go to the shared mailbox and would not be forwarded?

If this isn't possible natively within Exchange, perhaps a tool from CodeTwo or Wicksoft might do what you're looking for?


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if exchange 2007 or above could you not create a rule to activate the forward - do this using powershell and then use windows scheduler to activate the rule at friday evening and then another schedule to turn it off Monday morning.

We have rules that allows certain types of mails during the day but then after 6 a rule is activated to delete these mails until 8am the following day.