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Document not saved

Recently we have the "Document not saved" problem with word & excel, when people try to save their work to a network drive. A search on the internet gave a result saying it was the KB980232 update from Microsoft causing the problem. Microsoft also provides a hotfix for this, but at own risk. We applied the hotfix but without any luck. Another solution we found was to change the auto negotiation / duplex setting. We tried this where ever possible but without any luck. Most of the clients are wireless connected, 2 clients are connected with the cable. It seems to affect only the wireless clients so far.

This is our setup:

- All clients have Windows 7 with the latest updates installed
- All clients use Avast Antivirus
- All clients have Office 2010 pro
- The server is a SBS 2003 with service pack 2
- We have 3 access points: Cisco Aironet 1200

We also tested with 2 differend access points, but without any luck. We think it's a software issue somewhere, but we can't find it. Anyone got any ideas left? Thanks.
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Did you upgrade Vista to Windows 7?  Also, are you using offline files feature?

Thanks, Matt.
Also, can you check your users have the correct permissions to create, save and modify on the network share and check that any shares users come through have sufficient privilages.  Simple I know, but worth reviewing.
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Some computers are upgraded from Vista, some are fresh Windows 7 installations.
Offline files feaure is not being used. And all permissions are correctly applied.
I'm sorry I forgat to mention this in the first post.

But these problems seem to occur with soms of our customers also. It all revolves to the KB980232 update, removing it seems to be the solutions, but the update always returns when windows updates itself automaticly.
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Here is a link that may be helpful:

If you’re not using offline files, disable it on the server and also on the client as a test.  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sync Center  Manage Offline files.

Can you check you’re not exceeding 75 clients or individual users.  SBS has a 75 licence limit.

Which AV are you using?  As a test temporarily disable the AV when you receive the error.  Check your anti-virus is not protecting network drives.  Let me know how you get on.
- Uninstalling the update and never install it is perhaps an option, but we'd like to see another solution if possible.
- I have disabled offline files on my computer, it did not help.
- We have 15 users / 20 clients on the server.
- We do not use Cisco WAAS and do not intend to use it.
- We use Avast for antivirus.

When testing to save documents with excel and using Process Monitor in the progress, we ran in to this when the error "Document not saved" appeared:

C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\namespace\servername NAME NOT FOUND

This was tested when offline files was disabled in windows, but even when enabled this error returns.

Thanks for the help everyone.

This is a real head scratcher, I've included two Microsoft articles which may be of help.  I'm assuming you've been through these but I thought I would included them anyway, let me know what you think?:

Corrupt registry  - client side caching or CSC you mentioned:

Cannot save with KB980232 installed:

Cheers, Matt.
Matt, I tried both links, but nothing helped. A real head scratcher indeed.