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Terminal Services

Hi experts

I have a network of thousands of users.
I installed a server with windows 2003 but the period of 120 days is expired.
Terminal services licensing is better for user or device?
Many licenses to buy??
How the user??
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Do you have users logging on more than once at a time?
Per User license...

Do you have more than one user logging on from a device at a time?
Device License...
If you will only be accessing the terminal server from within your organization and from devices that are controlled by your organization choose per device.  If this is the case and you have users that share devices, for example on different shifts then you would want a per device license.

If you have remote users accessing the server from the internet through ts web access or a ts gateway then ou would want a per user license so lcenses are not issued to devices outside of your organization.

Careful with your purchase. If you upgrade to 2008, your CAL's will not be compatible.
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If you purchase the terminal cals thru a reseller that will sell you open license, then you will be buying Windows 2008 cals, but get the backwards compatibility with 2003
I recently bought some cals from Dell, they didn't sell me server 2003 cals, they only sold some 2008 cals... and they worked fine on 2003!

the licensening has changed recently...
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