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ftp printing from php to Windows server

Hi Guys,

We are developing a booking system for a client using PHP which has the function to be able to send documents to a printer via ftp.

Setting up an ftp directory on the clients Windows server to receive these documents is not a problem as this is pretty straight forward.

What I need to know is there a way to then get windows server to spool these documents to one of the printers on the Windows server.

Basically the system would be generating a lot of documents which they don't want to have to open each one individually in the browser and print this way as it would take to long.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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What kind of files are they?
Just to understand better, depending on the file which way to go ..
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Hi Mate,

The files would be .doc, .pdf and .html

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Here is a program for you

If you prefer the documentation for creating batch look here

Thanks guys.

We are just trying the silentprint trial version and might give awises a go and see which performs best

Will let you know

thanks again