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What is the best way to allow a user to use multiple email addresses in Exchange?

I have a number of users from another company merging with ours.  I am migration them onto my Server 2003 Standard, Exchange Enterprise system but need to give them the ability to easily go back and forth between their old email address (old company) and their new one (merged company).  Is there anyway to accomplish this other than two seperate AD accounts with two seperate Inboxes in Outlook?

Everything I have read would make it seem that I need to create different AD objects for each of them and then use their Outlook to connect one exchange account and one Imap account.  Is that correctand is there a cleaner way to do it?

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Do both email address's exist on your server now? They are both in the recipient policy? If so just add the address's to there exchange account.
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I haven't pulled it over to my server yet but what i am looking for is to give them the ability to easily determine which address mail they are sending is coming from.  They wouldn't have the ability to change it within the recipient policy.  

The drop-down you get with multiple accounts is ideal but you end up with multiple inboxes and confused users.

Maybe a stupid question but have you thought about forwarding the emails ?
Long term, will they need to be able to send back as the legacy domain?

I would just add the legacy domain as an additional SMTP address on your exchange server.  That way new mail addressed to that email will get delivered.

Outbound mail would be done strictuly under the

I guess I'm not sure what the value in sending out as different email addresses is? especially if long term you are going to get rid of their "legacy domain"
I am not sure we will ever remove the legacy domain.  They need to be able to send to customers from both domains for the foreseeable future.
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The way my users are setup here are is their primary SMTP address, then we have all the @legacydomains as alternative SMTP addresses, that way mail to still reaches them, but the new email out is always as

On the other side, if the users are only going to be sending out as their email, just set that as their primary SMTP address.