Restore single email/folder from NT Backup bkf

Hi Experts, I am trying to restore a single email however it should be in a bkf file that I did a while back. The Exchange server is no longer there since we use 2010 now. When I open the bkf file I get the picture below. I cannot select any of the folders to restore
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craig_j_LawrenceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To be able to restore Exchange 2003 backups, you will need an Exchange 2003 server as a target for the database as documented in the Exchange 2003 disaster recovery guide.

 Another option is to use a third party tool such as Ontrack PowerControls Extract Wizard.
lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check my profile for a tool that can open the BKF, extract and open the EDB so you can extract what you want.
takwirirarAuthor Commented:
Hi I am using DigiScope now and managed to get the original edb files etc however its only showing a few mailboxes, is this correct?
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Hi whatever is being shown in the database is whats available since it exposes all the data.  If you have additional product related questions best to contact our support and they can take a look with you via WebEx
I think some points should be allocated, given that the responses led the author to some third party tools.
takwirirarAuthor Commented:
Ended up getting 3rd party tools
Thanks for the points
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