Purchasing a domain without Application ( Website )

Wordpress / Godaddy

We are working on developing a blogspot website. We are not sure whether we are going to use MySQL or SQL Server 2008.

I want to register a domain - .com

I am confused on registering a domain.. Do i need to mention whether this application is going to be deployed on Linux or Windows OS ?

Can i randomly register the domain .. like chokka.com without knowing the technology. Can we change the platform after programming is done ?
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jvic_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Registering a domain though godaddy or any other domain name registrar gives you the rights to use that name for the period of time you register it. You do not have to purchase additional services at that time. You can at a later time purchase hosting services though Godaddy or an independent provider and they will help you point the domain to the service and get it working for you.
MarcusMartinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Doesnt matter buy your domain name, anything you like the back end is unimportant right now.

What is important though is that if you buy a hosting package you will need to be sure that the host supports the technology you are going to use. But if your just buying a domain name go buy it.

chokkaAuthor Commented:
Now while buying a domain name .. i dont want to mention the hosting package ..!

Am i right ?
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Correct. Just ignore all the pages trying to get you to sign up for other things and just register the name.
chokkaAuthor Commented:

Great, Thank you for the suggestion.
But I am not able to get the domain name .. as i want ..!
Is there any option for me to proceed .. ?

chokkaAuthor Commented:
Both of you helped me a lot.

Thank you,
Passing observation, read the fine print very carefully if you go with GoDaddy.  There are some interesting quirks in their contract.

There are other sites that will let you just register the domain name (usually you can get it for no more than about $10 ;-).
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