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Outlook search no workie.

My outlook search has decided to stop working. I can search for a contact in the contacts, and search for a name that is in the contact list, and it says no results.

Same for emails. I can search for something in emails, and it doesn't show up.

However, in both cases, if I manually go find it, it is there.

I think this is an "Instant Search" issue and needs to have the old index killed, and re-index everything. I clicked re-index in the control panel, but that doesn't appear to have done anything.

How do I fix the instant search?

THis is OL2010 connected to Exchange 2010 via SBS 2011.
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Try 1. Check if searchindexer.exe  is running under Task Manager. Give index rebuilding a try. Its under Outlook> File > Options > Search

Try 2. Control panel > Programs> Windows options > Toggle selection of indexing > restart computer > set selection for indexing to previous > restart computer

Try 3. Turn off indexing for Outlook restart computer turn indexing back on.

Try 4.  Add this directory for indexing > userProfile/appdata/local/microsoft/outlook

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I have made some progress.

I have figured out that it is no longer searching the correct outlook folder.

Under Indexing Optiions, it references MYDOMAIN\myuser, however, I have the feeling that it is pointing to C:\Users\myuser.MYDOMAIN\ instead of C:\Users\myuser.MYDOMAIN.000\

The 000 happened when we upgraded our server, and a new profile on this machine was created.

How do I tell search to look at the new profile?
That didn't work either.

I just stopped and disabled the windows search service, restarted, shift+deleted C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data, started the service, and am letting it re-build the index.

We'll see if that helps any.... :-/
Didn't help. Same problem.

Any other thoughts?
There are 29,000 emails in my inbox. I cannot find anything without search. :-/
Did you try repairing Office? If not try that from Control Panel > Programs
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