SQL 2005 and file replication between two live servers.

I have two MS sql 2005 servers that I need the data synchronized between them. Both will be live at all times. There will be some files that will have to be synchronized between the two servers also.

How do I go about accomplishing this task. Mirroring and log shipping will not work due to both server databases having to be live at the same time.
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jimmylew52Author Commented:
Thank You for your input, but, we tried Merge replication once beforeand and the unique identifier it inserted destroyed our database.

I need a different option.
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Changing the Id's to GUID's instead of ints is the proper answer as the statistical probability of duplicate keys is miniscule and that's what they were designed for.

with Guids in stead of ints, Merge Replication would work.

Without that, you will need a way to ensure that the id's don't clash yourself, for example by prefixing adding 1000000000 to ids from one server and 2000000000 to the other to make sure you don't get duplicates.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
not sure what you mean by "changing the id's to GUID's"
Guids means globally unique id's
It uses a combination of time and some hardware related I'd to generate a seemingly random 16 character I'd.
SQL has it as an actual data type.
It would mean changes to your app but it will be the correct solition of you need to use merge replication. Anything else will require more management in the long term.
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