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Apple Mail - No incoming email

I have been using apple mail for some time, however 2 weeks ago our incoming email stopped working without any changes to the email settings.  I have accessed webmail and can see emails that are not being downloaded in apple mail.
I have also setup the email account on a Windows based machine with Outlook on it and it works fine.
I would delete the account on my mac and recreate it but it says that it will delete all of the emails with it which I need to keep.
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Can you export (backup) the Email and re-create the profile? Have you confirmed that the settings are correct against the working Windows system?
Do you possibly have a firewall/network security that is blocking access?
Have you also checked your settings in Preference, Accounts, Account Information and Advanced tabs?  have you possibly changed your password in the last 2 weeks and not reflected this change on your Apple mail account?
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Checked all of the account details and they are correct, password hasn't changed as we use the same password to log into webmail.
I'll try backing up the email and recreating the profile.
I took the details out of the original account and added a new account with the correct details to no avail.
I'm not really a mac user, I primarily use microsoft based systems so as much info as possible please.
How do you backup the email and delete the profile? I was thinking of switching the email client to Thunderbird?\

might also want to backup the contacts just incase

I'm also not a Mac user but more backups are better than less :D
You might also want to check the following before redoing the profile:
To archive a mailbox:

Select one or more mailboxes to archive.

To select mailboxes that are next to each other (contiguous) in the list, hold down Shift as you click the first and last mailbox; to select mailboxes that are not next to each other in the list, hold down Command as you click each mailbox.

Choose Mailbox > Archive Mailbox, or choose Archive Mailbox from the Action pop-up menu (looks like a gear) at the bottom of the sidebar.

If you need to recover messages, you can import an archived .mbox file as “Mail for Mac OS X.”

Choose a folder or create a new folder where you want to store the archives, and then click Choose.

Mail archives the mailboxes as .mbox packages. If you’ve already archived a mailbox, Mail does not overwrite the existing file but appends a number to the filename to create a new version of it.
If there is a little round symbol next to your inbox, click on it. In my experience, many users don't notice it, or are not aware that it should not be there.
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