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why when trying to reinstall windows picture and fax viewer do i keep getting access denied to shimgvw.dll

I am trying to reinstall windows picture and fax viewer. When I run "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\shimgvw.dll" I get access denied. I even logged on in safe mode and still access denied. How can I reinstall?
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Could be related to this?

You could check to see if the KB is installed on your system causing the problem
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It could be that some component of Windows still has it in use. In safe mode, or better yet safe mode command prompt, try renaming it. That will tell you if this is really the file that is causing the problem.
When you try this command (with or without /u) are you doing so while under administrator privilege?

can you try this
regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll

You should see a dialog box that says:
DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in shimgvw.dll succeeded

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I have tried renaming the dll in safe mode and still get access denied.I am logged on in each case as an administrator. I have not tried it in safe mode command prompt. That will be my next step.
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Any idea what component would be in use? I have looked and I see nothing. I see the dll in the windows\system32 folder but access is denied. And I am logged on as an administrator.
You can try unlocker to delete the file. I have not found a file that it could not delete.

I would definitely try /u before trying unlocker
Icoiro, That file is disabled by most recent security update.

You will need to disable the update by clicking on disable fixit from Here. Let me give a heads up though. If you disable this you are leaving your system open to exploitation through that file. All the fix does is set a Security policy disabling the use of shimgvw.dll and nothing more. Its up to you if you want to still use it or not. Just remember my warning when making your final decision.
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I found the reason that I could not register the dll. I looked at the security on the file and all users had access except for the everyone group, which was denied access. I gave full control to everyone and the dll registered with no further problems. Windows picture and fax viewer were immediately available.

Thanks to all for your help.
Glad to hear it. So it was a security rights issue. I suppose my solution would have worked as well. Anyway, please close the question and assign points as you see fit.
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The only way I could register the dll was to give full control to the everyone group. The users had full control but the everyone group did not. After granting full control the dll registered sucessfully.
Yes, this is why I explained that up above as a GPO security policy as it was stated from microsoft themselves. The controls where modified to protect the user from "Drive-by attacks" when surfing the Internet that use exploit code directed at shimgvw.dll in a malicious manor.
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