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Joomla content question


I am finding that I need to put Joomla content in, along with, mark-up. Surely this isn't the way Joomla was designed to work.

For example, say I have a list of years and each year has an image associated with it and a load of bullet points - how am I going to create all of these items when Joomla only offers an article with one massive input box for the content?

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Joomla articles are static content that is managed in a database using a style sheets to format their display. If you want to create tables etc. built dynamically then you will have to use an extension. The type of extension you require depends on what you want achieve.
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If I install K2, will it mess up any of my current development?

I just need something that will make adding and editing the content in an article a little easier, instead of just pasting in loads of code etc. I'm not terribly impressed with Joomla so far I must admit, it's OK if you just have standard text articles but the site I am developing is a lot more image based and has different level headings and bullet points which need their own styles/mark up etc.
Installing K2 will not mess up anything current,

but for what you are describing it sounds better to to add what you need to the CSS
Yea I can add all of the styles to the CSS but the mark up still needs to be in place which then makes the article a combination of content and mark up, which is not good for the admin user who doesn't know HTML!
Your users (or admin) do not need to know or use html to publish articles using Joomla. The editor pane operates like a word processor and users insert images and text the same way one would using a word processor. To style the content all you have to do is to teach your admin how to use the styles dropdown and you set the styles accordingly in the style sheets.
OK consider the following code, which needs to be in an article (below).

The styles are in the CSS but how would a user, for example, add a new image and image caption with the correct mark up and classes?

<div id="imageColumn"> 
	<img src="images/image1.jpg" border="0" alt="image 1" title="image 1" width="138" height="177" />  
    <p class="aption">This is a caption for image 1</p>  
	<img src="images/image2.jpg" border="0" alt="image 2" title="image 2" width="138" height="177" />  
    <p class="caption">This is a caption for image 2</p>  
	<img src="images/image3.jpg" border="0" alt="image 3" title="image 3" width="138" height="177" />  
    <p class="caption">This is a caption for image 3</p>  

<div id="textColumn">  
    	<li class="year">2011</li>
        <li>Middle East un-rest</li>
        <li>Item number 2</li>

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