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Get message about Book2 when saving Workspace

I am using Excel 2003, File, Save Workspace for the first time.
I get asked "Do you want to save the changes you made to Book2?" even though I have no Book2 in the list of open files.

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this is not the list of open files... the list of open files is under the Window menu, not the file menu.

can you please put on a picture of the Window menu ? and the VBA, please ! (Alt+F11)

wops... sorry... I just saw that you did it right already... my bad, ....
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I created three sample spreadsheets A, B, C and then a sample workspace ABC.
When I open ABC, it tells me there is a Book3 spreadsheet already open.

Re: Your 34897327 comment and picture.  What happens when you select "Unhide"?

I was able to create a workspace with the 3 files and then open that workspace with no problem.  Check your XLSTART folder to see if some file isn't loading hidden inadvertently.  When you unhide, do you see other workbooks there?

Run this macro (attached) and let me know the results

it simple macro to enumerate all open workbooks and identify any that are not visible with capability to change visible to TRUE

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In http:34897327 and http:34897350, the screenshots you posted show the 'unhide' button as active in the Window menu. This usually means there are hidden workbooks. Try clicking it and see what happens.
Oops. Forgot to reload before posting.
Same thing I asked in 34918871 post...

That's why I wrote that macro...


Thanks for the macro. Will try to run in the next hour or so, but it might be tomorrow morning. It is 3:50PM right now.
@Tommy - no worries :)

The problem seemed to go away by itself since the Unhide choice does not appear.  But, now I have the the macro to use if it appears again.