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CSS dropdown menu in IE having issues how do I...

The menu has a top mevel called Spa services. There is a drop down and the first drop down works. both have a sub menu that flys out to the right. The Day Spa menu works as you can mouse over to the right and access it. The 2nd Drop Down Medical Spa when you mouse over it the flyout menu to the right shows up but if you try to mouse over to it it disapears.
the site:

how do I fix this?

It does work in safari and FF.
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Aaron Tomosky
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Which version of IE is doing this? Install the Ie developers toolbar from Microsoft to check it out.
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I am in IE 8
can u send me that script so that i can help u out
I am not sure witch one it is.
Here is the site:

If you view the source let me know what script you need and I will put it in here.
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From what line? in the styles.css or something he put in line in the page?
OK I found the place in the CSS.  If I remove that the visual that you gte the Arrow pointing to the right goes away. I reduced it to 5px and you sorta see the arrow and it is easier to mouse over too. You said there is a GAP. is there another way around that with out loosing the visual requirment?
Well, this solution would not satisfy you, it's only temporary solution. .menu-2nd-child in style.css
OK so if I want to remove the padding in IE and keep it in FF how would I do that?