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Cleaning up Excel Sheet before importing to Access

I have an excel sheet that has junk at the top because it's exported from a formatted Crystal Report with titles.  Is there something I can do to strip off the headers before importing it into Access?

When I import to Access, the headers are not consistant and it fouls up the queries.

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You can simple delete those lines, no?
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have you tried importing the excel file into a temp table without the column names?

btw, better if you upload a copy of the excel file and give details what you want to be cleaned.
...those ROWS, no?
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ippinto....I want this automated as part of an application for anyone to import the data.  I don't want them touching the "raw" spreadsheet.

you can create a copy of the excel file (in codes)
delete the last row in codes
how is the first row be cleaned?
Sorry  What do you mean by "In Codes?"
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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It was just a bit painful matching column names to real names in the query.  Guess I can't get around that one.

Thanks for the tip
You could export just the data then you should get the fieldnames as the titles

The design of the headings in crystal causes the export to jumble the order of columns.
If you choose the data only then the report headings don't get used but the field column names.