DNS MMC Snap-In Problem

Every time I attempt to run add the DNS role, I get the following error message.

MMC cannot create snap-in DNS

Please help

I am running windows 2003 Server R2
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andreibutuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've seen this before, installing the latest version of the adminpak.msi has always fixed it for me. If your installation disk is SP2, then install the adminpak.msi from the CD.The adminpak.msi installs the full series of Administration tools, instead of just having the Administration tools from just what you have installed.This pack of Tools is intended for installation on XP and Win2k3 for remoteAdministration of the server.
I would like to see how andreibutu's advice turns out.

I was going to suggest updating MMC console, as in this thread:

onebytesystemAuthor Commented:
Work like a charm.   Thanks
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