cheap device for reading


I'd like to buy some device for reading. I don't need a smartphone (for sms and calls). I only want that it should have android OS and it can be similar to HTC smartphones of iphone (with touchscreen).
Probably somebody will tell me that this is small for reading. But I won't read with classical style. I want to use something like this so size is not important.

thanks for help
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Sean ScissorsConnect With a Mentor Program Analyst IICommented:
I found these two cheaper ones.

I don't know much about DinoDirect to be honest but they each have a fair amount of reviews and good ones. Not sure if you will find cheaper then that.
Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst IICommented:
I am guessing you already know about the Kindle but are passing on it as it doesn't offer a full Android OS. Well it sounds like you are wanting some sort of touchscreen tablet. My top choice is this one...

But I found this other one on amazon that seems to be pretty good too as far as reviews and specs go.

How cheap are you looking for? Tablets only go so cheap...
xRalfAuthor Commented:
That devices look good, but I can't invest so much money. It should be cheaper than smartphones (because I don't need to call), size does not matter. In other words it could be smartphone (with less functionality (without phone... only smart))
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xRalfAuthor Commented:
You gave me the right direction that I need tablet.

I was looking for cheaper tablets with android and I found Archos and Mivvy Midroid and MID Midroid which are for good prices. But I don't know what to choose. Are there some other brands of cheap tablets? Which of them can I trust that have good quality? I noticed that they are with older Androids (2.1 and 1.6). Does it mean, that I can't upgrade to the newest version of Android?
xRalfAuthor Commented:
OK, I also found some cheap ones. I have to read the reviews and decide according to my priorities.

But what about the OS? Which version is better? Is it possible to make upgrades? And is it possible to run on it my own python applications?
Sean ScissorsConnect With a Mentor Program Analyst IICommented:
As far as making upgrades yes, Android is upgrade friendly. Depends on which version you start with as far as how to upgrade but it is possible.

As far as running your own python apps I couldn't honestly say. I can do some research on that but someone else may just know.
Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

Best to look for a 7 inch or 8 inch 'tablet' running Google Android 2.1 or better.

The older 1.5/1.6 versions frequently don't come with Android Market on them which means you can't download and install many apps for reading etc.

Though a 7inch tablet would probably be fine, consider spending a little more for the 8 inch model - the extra pixels will help and the hardware will probably be slightly better:


xRalfAuthor Commented:
And is it possible to use free applications on Android which I create myself? (without buying them via some market site)?
xRalfAuthor Commented:
I closed it, but feel free to post new interesting comments. Thanks
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