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how do you remove the "system tools hoax" software

This seems to be a new program pretending to be an antivirus program. It is a scam, but it hijacks the computer and there seems to be no way to see the virus or stop it from runnning.  McAfee is totally ignorant of it and wants $90 to "try" to remove it.  Is there any other way to get rid of this hoax?
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Refer to:

General recommendations:
-Backup your data
-Disable System Restore
-Install/update Malwarebytes Antimalware
-Run full scan in Malwarebyte
-Reboot into Safe Mode
-Re-run Malwarebytes
If this is a 32 bit Windows 7 machine you can attempt to run


HOwever, I would recommend running a good clenup utility as well:

Will clean up a lot of that crap that is sitting around, do that before you run a scan. In the worst case scenario you can download sysinternals procexp and find the culprit file and "echo" it out and render it useless. I can offer further detail if you want.
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I already own McAfee.  Why will they not help me remove the virus?  If it has been around since 2008 it cannot be that hard to get rid of.
Here is a link that says don't disable system restore until after you run the scans:

Here is a link that says to run scans in normal mode NOT safe mode, if you can:
@moonie42 - The software you linked to will not install since it requires you install in normal mode and the virus will allow nothing to run in normal mode.  Only safe mode can be used.
@ bz43 - ditto
@RobertParton - All I get when I try to find Combofix is a link to Registry Mechanic.  I assume I am doing something wrong but I cannot figure out how to find the program. Do you have a link perhaps.  

I am really gettting frustrated with this.  

McAfee has given me a link to a program called "stinger', which ran to completion and did not find the virus or remove it.  I am still stuck with nothing but safe mode.  Normal mode is infected with the "System Tools" hoax and nothing seems to work.
I am being told by both McAfee and Norton that this virus can only be removed manually at a cost of $99.  Does anyone know any other option?
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Thank you so much.
You're welcome.  Were you able to remove the virus?
For clarification, the details on the second thread you posted

allowed me to find the virus manually and delete enough of it to get the standard anti virus to remove the rest.