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How do I select the h3 tag inside a div? (prototype.js)

<div id="indivpost1">
	<img src="th-1.jpg" />

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Shouldn't this work?
$$('#indivpost1 h3')

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Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
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your tag says javascript, but it looks like you are looking for JQuery maybe?

I don't use JQuery, but in Javascript it is:

var myDiv = document.getElementById('indivpost1');
var myTag = myDiv.getElementsByTagName('h3');

This will get you all h3 tags within that element.
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Thanks for your help but I'm using Prototype not jQuery.
>>$$('#indivpost1 h3')
This should return an array with one element (with your example)
try breaking it down
$$('#indivpost1') .find('h3');
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