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Cut certain cells paste to side and shift cells up

I have file1 needs to be formatted to file2 every day. Basically, all the rows contain "1.1 - Item(s)..." in column D need to be moved to the right part of the sheet and shift up the empty cells up after that. When I record macro and use "Shift+Ctrl" to select cells, it only records the row number it should go to on this sheet while the number of these rows will changes everyday.
How can I make changes on the VBA code to accomplish this task?
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A little hint: Rows(Activecell.row).select
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could you be more specific? thanks
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When I check it again, it didn't worked quite as I wanted. First I don't want the script to run when I open it. Secondly, after I put the second column back to the first column and try to run "runme" manually, it didn't cut and paste the rows back

You did not specify how you wanted the script to run.

Secondly, you did not specify it needed to run in reverse writing from 2 columns to 1.

Please create a new question specifying these new requests.