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Access closes when saving a query.

I'm trying to update a select query.  When I go to save the query, Access closes.  When I reopen the db and look at the query, my chgs are not saved.  Other queries work OK.  What could the issue be?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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Try the basics

Compact & Repair the db

If not fix

Delete the query, do a Compact & Repair, then recreate the query

If no fix, Import all objects (except Linked tables) into a blank db.

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Do you get the same results when
     creating a NEW query
     Editing a different query  (in short 1 or 2 queries or ALL queries)

If it is just the one query...  copy the SQL to the clipboard and save it as a NEW query
if all queries...   the container is corrupt...   get them into a new container
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None of the three options worked.  Could it be it's too large?  It's a lot of code.
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No.  I'm going to break it into 2 queries and see if that fixes it.  Is there generally a character limit on the queries?

Attribute       Maximum
Number of enforced relationships       32 per table, minus the number of indexes that are on the table for fields or combinations of fields that are not involved in relationships*
Number of tables in a query       32*
Number of joins in a query       16*
Number of fields in a recordset       255
Recordset size       1 gigabyte
Sort limit       255 characters in one or more fields
Number of levels of nested queries       50*
Number of characters in a cell in the query design grid       1,024
Number of characters for a parameter in a parameter query       255
Number of AND operators in a WHERE or HAVING clause       99*
Number of characters in an SQL statement       Approximately 64,000*
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Interesting.  I'm using Access 2002.  Is this comparible?
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Seems to be specific to 2002...  interesting...  skiped from 97 to 2003...   I missed all the fun...

Don't know what if anything shutting down autocorrect will do to you.... but if it works...  your ahead of the game...
Guess I should have though of the Name Auto Correct issue.  I always turn if off.  

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OK.  It works, I'm happy.  If something comes up I'll deal with it then!
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This setting change fixed the issue.