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SharePoint Designer and InfoPath

Hello All,

I created a workflow in SPD that works fine so far.
Now I want the user to fill out an InfoPath form based on a variable in the SPD workflow.
Is this possible?

If so, how can this be done?
If not, what's an alternative?

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What version of SharePoint?
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MOSS 2007
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No, that does not help.

I want the infopath form to come up during the process of the workflow.
I think you need to elaborate.  Can you provide a description of your workflow and exactly what you want to achieve?
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Sorry about that.  I should have explained what I had so far and where I'm trying to get to.

This workflow is what investigators will use to get legitamate documents to build up a case folder.

I currently have 3 document libraries. (SPOTLINE, REROUTE AND PRIORITY).
The SPOTLINE document library currently has an email address and the other 2 do not.
Emails(with attachments) that are sent to SPOTLINE need to be filtered and sent to one of the other 2 libraries.
I was able to implement a workflow in SharePoint designer to accomplish the above (unfortunately, I could not do it to an email and it's attached documents as one. I had to apply the workflow to each email and each attached document).

Here's where I'm stuck:
In the PRIORITY document library, when an investigator starts a workflow,
if any of the documents reference a previous issue, the user needs to fill out a FORM 4(built in infopath).    I'm not sure how to render a infopath form during a workflow process.
Thanks for the explanation.

I think the simple answer to how to render an infopath form during a workflow created with SharePoint Designer is that you can't.  At best, I think you could email the user a link to the form that they need to fill out, and you could set a hidden value against the document item to record that you are awaiting the form being completed, and have code behind the InfoPath form reset the value afterwards - but I doubt that would meet your needs.

I think you'll need to bite the bullet and design your workflow in Visual Studio.

A good article about the limitations of SPD and when to use it and when to use VS can be found at

One of the benefits of the Visual Studio approach is that you should be able to create a workflow task that moves both the email and its attachments in the same step.  You can also have a more elaborate/powerful set of rules determining whether they need to fill out FORM 4 or not.

That may not be the answer you were hoping for, but I suspect you were already coming to the conclusion that SPD didn't have the capabilities that you needed...
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You're right...that's the road I did not want to go down.  It seems painful.  Oh well!  No pain, no gain.
I did not want to go the VS way b/c of the timeline of the project and my lack of knowledge in VS workflows, but I guess I will be doing some late nights.

Anyway, if you don't mind, could you give me a headstart on how to do the first part of what I've done in SharePoint designer into Visual Studio.

In SharePoint designer, as I'm sure you already know, there are Conditions and Actions that define the steps of a workflow.  How do I represent conditions and actions in VS?  Just trying to figure out how to do the filtering of emails and documents part.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Thanks Hairbrush!

Your help is much appreciated.
I'm sure I'll be back on EE seeking more help.