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Rogue internet radio spyware?

I have a laptop via wifi to a company network. At some point after turning in on and using Internet Explorer for something, I begin to hear voices  coming from the speakers. It appears to be some sort of Internet radio web site with a talk show.

Malware Bytes does not find anything. A-V is Symantec Endpoint 6a, finds nothing.

Nothing in the Registry "Run" aress. No strange processes in task manager. No strange settings that I can find in HKLM or HKCU internet explorer areas.

Haven't found anything on the net about this. Anyone here??

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Paul MacDonald
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Are you sure IE wasn't running?  Is it possible there was some sort of RIA advertisement running on a web page and the audio was coming from that?
It is possible if you have a powerful 'real' radio station nearby that it's signal is being rectified in your speaker system so that you can hear it.  People at the nearby Voice of America site have to short out their speakers to quiet them because the transmitters are so powerful.
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Paul, IE was running, 2-3 instances not related with the page I had opened.

Dave - Several laptops/desktops in bldg; Only happening on this one.

I wouldn't suspect RFI since you'd have to have long wires to pick up a radio signal.  

Is this event repeatable?
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You could try these quick scanners in case of spyware etc..
TdssKiller and Hitmanpro.
Laptop is distant from me, I just had the owner try Phototropic's suggestion. I will keep you posted.
So far, so good... after folowing th esolutions instructions it has yet to talk to be. I will provide feedback if it proves not to be the solution, thx
Glad to hear that your problem is resolved.
I should have waited longer... User says the problem has returned. And at when they try to go to some web sites they sre getting redirected. I am going to try some other anti-malware programs including those mentiooned by  optoma.
Tdsskiller is agood place to start with redirects.