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All Data created in the last 15 min

I am looking to filter data by time added.  I have a field "somast.addtime" that will give me the time entered but I am not sure how to filter it as I would a date.   Looking for all data in the last 15 minutes at any given time.
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Is the field just a time field or is it a datetime?

Basic filter would be

DAteDiff('n', {YourDateTimeField}, CurrentDateTime) <= 15

If your field is a string represnting the time then you would have to convert it to time first

If somast.addtime is a datetime field, you could use the following in your record selection criteria:

{somast.addtime} in DateAdd ("n",-15 ,CurrentDatetime ) to CurrentDateTime

FYI - the datediff won't pass to the database for processing because basically create a runtime formula against the actual database field.  The DateAdd passes because it simply compares the database fields to constant values.

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Add Date "somast.adddate" is a different field then Add Time "somast.addtime".

Is this still correct? {somast.addtime} in DateAdd ("n",-15 ,CurrentDatetime ) to CurrentDateTime
What's the actual format of  your addtime field? Time, Number or String?

What's the exact format of the string?  For example, is it '00:00:00', '000000' or are there even leading zeroes?  Do specific places represent hours, minutes and seconds?  We can't really provide a formula until we know what the data looks like.

hour - min - sec
What database are you using?  SQL Server, Oracle, etc..?  Also, what type of datasource are you using?  Straight tables, a view, a SQL Command, etc.?

SQL - Straight Tables
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