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Why are messages in a "would be delted" state?

Every friday night I get a report from the Exchange server that it "completed Processing".

The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has completed processing mailboxes
Started at:      2011-02-11 23:00:48
Stopped at:      2011-02-11 23:04:52
Mailboxes processed:      88
Messages that would be moved or deleted:      19465
Size of messages that would be moved or deleted:      64172.67 MB

Why is this "would be" and have "have been"?? I don't find a setting that makes the deleted items in some hold status.   How do I actually get these deletions processed? cuz this is a lot of space.
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That sounds like it is because in your Mailbox Manger Settings policy it is probably set to Generate a report only.  If you change it to one of the other options it will perform that action.
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Also i would make sure that the policy is not deleting emails you want before you set that setting.
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I don't see any setting in the Store Properties  that would put things in a virtual hold nor do I see anythign regarding deleting except on the Limits Tab. It has Keep Deleted items for day(s) = 30. and the Do not Perm Delete is Unchecked.  I know this isn't a 30 day volume, I just pulled my emails over the last 2 years and this number grows every week and never goes down, which tells me it's never deleting.

i need to know how to change this behavior.
I also just realized none of the Transaction Log files ever get deleted. They just keep sucking up space. I was under the assumption that these log files would be processed and deleted when the Mailbox Management Process was complete.
hmmm, you were right, it was on report only.   Thanks..  This doesn't effect the T-Logs but I guess that is a seperate question.

Thanks for the help.
Thank You
The setting is not in Store Properties, It would be in the folder about Administrative Groups called Recipients and then in the Recipient Policies folder. As for your Transaction Logs, they get deleted automatically when you do a backup of your Exchange Server. Otherwise i believe you can just delete them manually.