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is my MoBo bad?

I have an HP a6000 desktop computer (consumer-grade pc) and the video went out on it.  I've tried different monitors.  The motherboard integrated video controller has two outputs, VGA and DVI.  I've tried both, and with both when the monitor is plugged in it just goes black, I can't even access the monitor menu.  

My first thought was "bad video controller" so I put in a PCI video card with a DVI out.  When I connect my monitor to the video card, same result!  I thought this was strange.  

Am I dealing with a bad motherboard?  Or is there some kind of manual switch on the mobo to disable the integrated video controller?  I can't access the BIOS because the only thing that ever comes on screen is black.

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Are you getting any lights or beeps from the system?

Have you tried clearing or restting the BIOS?
It could be the MB but more likely a bad power suply. I would test or replace it.
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I am getting no beeps from system.  Starts up as normal.  Fan turns on, power light turns on.
I've tried reseating RAM and only using one (tried each as a single).  could it be the power supply if the fan and lights turn on?  

Frosty, thanks for confirming, I thought that priortiy would automatically go with PCI video card.  I guess I'll just replace the computer.  I'm gonna leave this open for a day to see if anyone else has any miraculous ideas.

That's what I said, it is most likely the PSU. You don't need a miracle, a new PSU will probably do the trick.
edbedb:  I'm just confused, I don't know much about power supplies.  I have had them go bad before though, and when they go bad the computer won't turn on, it's just completely dead.  In this case, everything turns on except the video!  Is it possible that a bad power supply would supply power to the fans and the lights but not the on board video?  I always thought that if they were bad, nothing would power up.
bought a new power supply, did the same thing.  Returning the power supply and buying a new machine.  Thanks guys.

A bad PSU will more often do what your system was doing than not work at all. It wont have the power needed to fire up all the peripherals and supply the power needed to get the computer to post.