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Embed or pop up quicktime movie

I am having such trouble embedding a quicktime movie on a  web page!  The movie plays fine if I just go to:
http:// www dot davidlereaney dot com/

But I can't get it to embed in the page or play as a pop up, Please help. You are going to have to hold my hand here, I have been all over the web and tried every embedding code out there. Give me the code, then help me if it doesn't work, ok? Thanks.
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Do you have QuicktimePro?
I don't know if the free version has this but I would suggest using "export for web". It generates a .html page for you, the page will have stuff you don't need (text from apple) but it does have all the embed code you will need. And it also makes the appropriate files for the embed (all stored in the same folder).

Give that a try and let me know what happens. If you have code examples that would help too.
Good luck!
I just checked, it is only in the Pro version of quicktime. If you do not have the pro version let me know and I can help you with code.
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Yeah..any other ideas? :)
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude at all.
NP, I probably misinterpreted your tone. Sorry about that.
Thanks very much for your help- going to try it now.
My biggest problem right now is I can't upload the video file. It's not that big but the server keeps closing the connection  before I finish the upload. Tomorrow is another day.
Sir or madam, that is a beautiful thing, and much more complicated than I thought it would be. Thanks very much.

Again I apologize if my frustration with the process crept into my tone. I'll watch that in future.
Don't worry about it. Sadly we don't have punctuation to convey tone, plus I have a habit of mis-interpreting tone, so I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Video embedding can be a little confusing, I think there are several ways to do it but for Quick Time this is what I have been using for some time and it works quite well. If you have problems with it or need help positioning it let me know!