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Excel: Experiencing loss of command controls when selecting listbox to open chart


I was wondering why this occurs when I hit the arrow button in my dashboard, the chart doesn't open when
I click it.  I was told that the button is not firing but there is a way to call that command and create a transparent box that would go behind the arrow button.  I was hoping someone can explain a bit more on this.  See previous thread to find more that was explained.
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So I take it that I will need to copy all ListBox1_LostFocus and ListBox2_LostFocus in module1 .  However, being that it was a private function and I have a total of 16 of each lostfocus pointing to different sheets.  I should name the sub 1 - 16 because it wont matter since it is not set to private.
Ok - you can replicate this.  On Executive Rollup I put a command button on top of your icon on the left, then made it transparent, go into design mode and click on the icon and you'll find the object on top - see properties of that object and that its transparent.  double click on the command button and you'll see the code calls the listbox1_lostfocus() routine and hence udpates the chart.  if it works the way you like, you can then replicate that on top of all the buttons, as there's really no need to do the sheet visible routine you're doing when you hit the icon.  just trying to lose focus by getting out of the listbox.  so having the icon there does that for you and the transparent one on the top forces the routine to run regardless of whether you were in the listbox or not.

If there's nothing selected in the listbox and button is hit, it would be impotent just like it is now.

Or just get rid of the Icon and use the command button with a <-> text caption...

Okay, so I did what you recommend and just got rid of the icon and that works perfectly.  Not sure if you want me to  post another question but I found another issue. lol  When selecting from list2 it will update the chart, which is great.  However, if I directly go and change the to  3 month view it selects whatever is highlighted in list1 as the new chart with shows the 3 month view.  

I understand that the ob are firing ListBox1_LostFocus but it should be ListBox2_LostFocus.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue? This seems a liitle bit tricky to fix..  It is like eith you choose to keep it the way it is or remove the command from list2..
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Worked perfectly!  Just completed the majority of the repetative task.  I added 2 more list box and modified the fire command to trigger.  Thank you!

So I have another question that I am about to post.  This is related to creating a list box that will populate with the total count and average of EACH selected ID#.  I have setup the dashboards with a listbox but just need expert guidance on what is the best way to approach this.  Posting now ith new version update