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Reflection help

I have a java class which contains following fields :-

public class Registration implements Serializable {

private Date registrationDate;

private Integer registeredClasses;

private Student student;

//getters and setters


public class Student {

private String name;

private Integer age;

private boolean isRegistered;

//setter and getters

void addStudent(Registration registration) {


In addStudent method i wanted to use Reflection to get all the property name in Student.class with all their values also (If included in Registration parameter in addStudent. How can i do that ? I tried spring ReflectionUtils but it gave me all the setters and getters method instead of giving me the property names which would be name, age, isRegistered. Any input ?

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This one also gives good examples:

in particular items 7 and 12  inths list - example about finding
the fields of class String and then the values of fields in item 12.

However, I'm not sure you'll be able to retrieve information about private fields of your class in this way.
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Thank you.Is there a way to just print the type also excluding the whole class name for the type ?
In the example 7 which I tried also myself
it prints only the field name, without class

import java.lang.reflect.*;

public class Ffield{
  public static void main(String[] args){
    Class cls = java.lang.String.class;
    Field field = cls.getFields()[0];
    String name;
    name = field.getName();     // It'll show CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER

Here is the output of the Example :

C:\roseindia>java Ffield
CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER  - only one word printed - the frst field of class String

This is what i get when running the program :-

Field[] fields = Student.class.getDeclaredFields();
            for (Field f : fields) {
                  System.out.println("Type & Name " + f.getType() + " " + f.getName() );

Type & Name class java.lang.String name
Type & Name class java.lang.Integer age
Type & Name boolean isRegistered
Yes, I was not printing type, I was printing only name - you mean
you don't want to print 'java.lang.String", but want to print jsut "String"?
You can then use

String s = f.getType();
if(s.indexOf(".")>-1)s = s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("."));

You'll get only "String" in this way
Thanks yan. I get following out with (.) :-

for (Field field : fields) {
                  String s = field.getType().toString();
                  if(s.indexOf(".") > -1) {
                        s = s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("."));
                  System.out.println("Type " + s + " name " + field.getName() + " ");

Type .String name name
Type .Integer name age
Type boolean name isRegistered
Sorry, this should be fine:

for (Field field : fields) {
                  String s = field.getType().toString();
                  if(s.indexOf(".") > -1) {
                        s = s.substring(s.lastIndexOf(".")+1);
                  System.out.println("Type " + s + " name " + field.getName() + " ");
Great. Is it possible to use regex expression for parsing the type instead of substring ?
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Even easier is...

for (Field field : fields) 
                  System.out.println("Type " + field.getType().getSimpleName() + " name " + field.getName() + " ");

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Are you serious ?. How in the world i missed getSimpleName() :(. thanks mr carl
I see, there is a special method just for that.