Exchange Server 2003 mailbox not mounting


We have exchange server 2003 and this AM the private and public mailboxes are not mounting.  However, the Informatio Store service is running without glitch.  In-hosue IT went to clean up the logs as the drive was running out of room.  He does not believe he deleted the private and public store files but is not certain.  I don't think would have been allowed if the information store was running in any case.  

We are trying to confirm whether, if the IS is runing as a service, if it is likley that the private and public stores are there but perhaps something else is going on?  Is it likely that he deleted the files accidentally? Finally, if so, is there any way outside of a backup (one year old) that these can be re-created somehow?

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ajaykeralaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   1. Log on to a domain controller by using an account that has administrative rights.
   2. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Domain Controller Security Policy.
   3. In the Default Domain Controller Security Settings Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, expand Local Policies, and then click User Rights Assignment.
   4. In the right pane, double-click Manage auditing and security log.
   5. In the Manage auditing and security log Properties dialog box, click Add User or Group.
   6. In the User and group names box, type DomainName\Exchange Servers, and then click OK two times.
   7. Exit the Default Domain Controller Security Settings MMC snap-in, and then wait for this security setting to propagate across the domain controllers in the domain.
   8. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.

not sure that helps worth trying if not why dont you create a new one since they dont have a backup ?
what kind of backup is it ?
SRC-S1Author Commented:
That is just it...they don't have a backup; at least not for one year...
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

First, find the EDB files and see what size they are and when they were last modified. If they were modified recently and are above 3Mb then those should be your old databases.

Secondly, if you have found the EDB files, try and mount the databases and see what errors you get in the event log, then post them here.

Thirdly start looking for a cheap/free undelete tool, so if the EDBs are deleted you can undelete them
SRC-S1Author Commented:
Okay Mega,  Greater than 3MB (actually about 5GB on the private store).  Once again, the information store service starts without issue.  the problem is in trying to mount the mailbox store.  As for fresh event viewer/application errors when I tryy, I get:      1) wiindow pop-up stating "An internal processing error has occurred....".  At the same time, in the event veiwer logis, I get:  2) Event ID 9175; MAPI call.... and Event ID: 455; Information store....error 1811...and then lastly Event ID: 9518....Error current log file missing starting Storage Group....

I remain ever grateful for your wisdom and help.  Thanks in advance.

Do you have any .log files in the log directory? Does the event tell you which log file is missing?
SRC-S1Author Commented:
Hello folks,

well, all is good with regard to the private information store.  yes, there were some erroneous log files which, after deleting same, the private store mounted and all does appear to be current.

Now, one last question for anyone with thoughts on this - the public store files (.stm, .edb) are truely gone.  Is there any way to recreate those, either through recovery or otherwise?  THere are no backups for greater than one year so thsoe would be moot.  Again, thank you all in advance.


Download an undelete tool...

Otherwise you can create a new blank one by just simply mounting the PF store. Do you use PFs for anything? Do you have another PF server the data might of replicated to?
SRC-S1Author Commented:
Hi Meganuk3,

What would be a good (and safe) undelete tool?  Also, the EX is a stand-alone, and here were quite a few public calendars and folders.

Any undelete tool that is cheap/free to be honest.

If you have USB stick from Sandisk that supports U3 then you can download some free undelete tools for it. I have used that before.

Or SaveButt (I am not joking abou the name) if still exists. The free demo allowed you to undelete 3 files for free, which is 1 more than you need.
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