BG Eraser just like PS

Hello Experts,

I wonder if there is a software designed to erase the bg of pictures only
just like photoshop and few other software like paintshop, and few more.
i am looking for one that is designed to erase the backgraund of images.

Thanks in advance
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mkobrinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have just found out that you can use office for this as well:
I havn't worked with it for a couple of years now, but I remember that Corel Photo paint from the Coreldraw suite was very powerful, and I think you can trace around the image, and it will remove the background. Check it out. Like I said I have not used it for a while.
C0dingAuthor Commented:

Thanks, but do you know an specific software that will do this without
the use of photoshop, paintshop, coreldraw, and all these popular soft?
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I have found this one as well, but it costs $149
C0dingAuthor Commented:

First of all, Fluid Mask 3, which is Vertus, is compatible with photoshop,
which i don't need. as for the second one, is that one Snagit v 10 ?
The 2nd link by mkobrin:
IS NOT Snagit.  You saw an annoying and slightly misleading Google Ad stuck right in your face at the top of the page and did not scroll down to see the rest.  The page is about an online image editing site named Fotoflexer (  With this online tool you are essentially still mapping points in much the same way as you would use a selection tool in most other image editing applications.

Perhaps you didn't see or read mkobrin's 3rd link.  Although it is about using the most recent versions of MS Office to perform the task, there is one image editing application mentioned in there ("Adobe Photoshop and other popular image editing software like GIMP") that is absolutely free.

Yes, I know it is "popular software", but unfortunately you get what you pay for.  With free software you don't have all the clever and expensive tools like there are in Adobe Photoshop, and have to do it manually:

I do not know of a free image editing program that has a one-click > remove background option.
BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is often possible to configure "Adobe" plugins in other image editing applications like XnView, IrfanView, etc.,1502.0.html
C0dingAuthor Commented:

I know there is nothing you guys can do to tell me if there is any software
out there specially just to remove the bg from images, but when i first ask
this uqestion i thought that it was going to be easy to find such little tool to
remove bg from pictures, but now i see that i was a little wrong. :-)

I thing there is not such little thing software yet, atleast to do just that task.
i was hopping to find an stand-alone tool that can do such thing.
C0dingAuthor Commented:
Hello mkobrin, BillDL,

I am closing some of my open questions, so i am going
to accept this answer even if is not what i wanted to...
so thank you for your help and support.
you two have a nice day/night.
Thank you C0ding

I am sorry that I didn't return to address the last questions you asked.  I was thinning out my emails and filed away the one I had flagged for a follow-up.

The short answer would have been that such a thing is what we have all been dreaming of.  Removing fairly solid coloured backgrounds from images, where there is a clear diference between the image content to keep and that to lose, is pretty easy using a selection tool.  Where backgrounds are of mixed colours and shades and there is no distinct "edge" between the subject and the backgrounds is always a problem, and any standalone program that says it can do this with one click is not telling the full truth.

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