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Filemaker sends mail though Windows Mail istead of Outlook 2010

We recently statred using a Terminal Server 2008 and Outlook 2010 togther.  We also have Filemaker 9.0 running a custom application.  Part of the application has a feature that sends e-mail.  Up until now, that would launch Outlook but is launching Windows Mail instead.  Any insights would be apprciated.
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I tried that but now nothing happens when I click the  e-mail buttom.  I think we are on the right track and almsot there.

To be clear, you manually went in with regedit and set the [HKLM]\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Clients\Mail\(Default) registry entry to "Microsoft Outlook".   Right?

As an aside, is the OS the 32 or 64-bit version?
That is correct.  It was "Windows Mai"l and I made it "Microsoft Outlook" and nothing happened when clicking the button to send mail. I looked and there were no sub-keys for Outlook so I basically exported \SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\, edited the reg key in notepad and added the Wow6432Node\ but still no luck.
Sorry I'm not much help so far.

My tactic at this point would be to edit the registry to put "Windows Mail" back in the way it was before and see if it restores the old (but wrong) functionality.  Let's hope so.  If not, then something else broke.

Then I'd search the entire registry for other values matching "Windows Mail" to see where else it is used.
That is what I did and Windows Mail does pop up as it did before.
I had a similar issue years ago and the solution was to go to the Internet Options control panel, Programs tab and make sure E-mail is set to Microsoft Office Outlook.
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