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Display clock in Oracle APEX

I have an application developed in Oracle Application Express

I want to display a clock on the top of my application page.

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There are many Javascript clocks you can use ... what are you looking to do?

Here are a few examples of analog clocks:

In APEX, you will have two options:
1. Modify a template so that the clock appears on every page that uses that template
2. Modify a single page, where you want the clock to appear. Load the javascript for the clock in the page header and create a region for the clock.
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I just wanted to add a clock at top left side of my application.

wanted to know how to modify the template to add a clock.

I got one website which allows me to develop a clock which can be implemented to my application on header part.


Now this works for me very well.

But one issue with this is: On the clock image a hyper-link is generated to the above URL, I dont want that, can you please guide me on this.
I don't think you can remove that URL. When you generate the code, it simply points back to the original site via an iframe, so you can't modify the clock yourself. The links I posted in the first post are all to stuff that you can modify and use locally.
yes true,

I was checking the

I uploaded them in my shared component.

But now How will I add or to display it in my application.

When I added these below lines in my page properties --> HTML Header section:

<script type="text/javascript" src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#coolclock.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#moreskins.js"></script>

and in that page I have created a region and added this below lines :

<canvas id="clockid" class="CoolClock:chunkySwiss:30::+2"></canvas>

and then I have saved my application page and run it again.

Still I dont see anything that is displaying in my application.

Can you please guide me on this as I think I am missing something here.
Are you testing it in Internet Explorer, or a different browser? IE does not currently support the <canvas> tag although that may change in IE9

The element is supported by the current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Current versions of Internet Explorer including IE 8 cannot natively display canvas content.[7] Google and Mozilla plugins are available[8] and support is under development for Internet Explorer 9.

Also, did you do this part:

<body onload="CoolClock.findAndCreateClocks()">
I wast such a clock which support everything like IE or corme or firefos everything....

Can you suggext me something what I am thinking ?
as I think also include older or higher version too.
is there anything on IE version6
anyway to display the clock in IE.
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Thanks your idea really works for me :-)